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    Hello everyone, in this video I am showcasing a tool NFT minting bot I have been working on called MintAIO. With this tool you are able to mint an NFT off of the contract address using multiple wallets simultaneously. This tools enables you to bypass hard limits set by NFT projects on how many you are able to mint on their launch date. If you would like to be a tester, please give us a follow on Twitter and tweet at me or DM me for an invite to our discord.

    Our team develops software for blockchain networks. We are focused on the technology of non-interchangeable NFT images. Our software works on such networks as Etherium, Solana and Cardano
    The technology of the present and the near future is a blockchain technology that opens up new opportunities for business and people. This programming method allows you to store information on a variety of stand-alone and unrelated computers.
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